dear chantal
i love you
<3 brittany
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nothing personal =]

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Only add me after i've added you. I like my friends of and friends list to be even. If you're not going to get to know me, do not add me. Tell me about yourself and where you found me in your comment. I talk about everything, from my road to college to sex, if you dont like that, or aren't comfortable with it, do not add me. I always welcome new friends, if youre going to take the time to get to know me.
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I really need to rant right now.
Long story short i started talking to this guy Piage knew.
I met him last night, he came into my work.
Paige was there with me the whole time.
Nice guy, he reminds me of Brent though.
That's a big red flashing sign that says DON'T TAKE THIS ROAD!!
Needless to say, today we talked for a little while and then he gave me this big speech, and said something about being friends with benefits.
That's where i draw my line.
I'm not here just for your enjoyment.
He keeps texting me and calling me and it's just really annoying right now.
Like i'm not mad at all, i just wash my hands of it.
You're not my man so whatever, he's making it a big deal when it's not and that's what pissing me off.
You've known me a day and a half, move on.

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you know, i'm just so sick of everything.

Jimmie won't say two words to me.
Jameson gets mad at me for being honest.
I spend over $100 on a new desk and chair and my dad is an asshole.

i bought a new chair for like $30 and i don't like it now. So he got pissed because he had to take it all apart again.
H eotld me he's throwing my old one out because he's not taking apart the new one.
he told me all my stuff is shit and he's gonna throw it out because hes sick of looking at it.
he said he doesn't wanna put my new desk together for me.
so i dragged my old desk back into my room and slammed my door on him.
i put all my stuff back on it and here i am again.
so whatever mom can go bring the desk back when she gets back from bringing grama shopping.
$100 back in my pocket, i don't care, fuck him.
apparently he can't take my new chair apart so i can't bring it back.
whatever, i guess i'm out $30 now.
i'll give it to my aunt and uncle for $20.

God forbid my father ever get up loff of his lazy fucking ass and do something.
that is all he does since he retired in 05'.
He goes to bed at 9, sleeps until 8, gets up has breakfast and then goes back and lays on the couch all day.
then he complains about how his back hurts and everything.
the only thing that gets him up off the couch is going drinking with my uncle.

i really want college to be here right now.
everytime i think about not going to michigan anymore some shit happens again abnd it makes me wanna go to michigan even more each time.
im so sick of being here.

oh, and i'm really sick of jimmie right now too.
last year around this time we liked each other so much, but i didn't continue to see him because of jameson.
he asked me to go places with him and to see him every weekend from the beginning of december 06' up until july of 07'.
well finally he left me alone and then i really missed him and got in touch with him again and he gave me a second chance.
yeah, i've seen him like twice from november to now.
it's really pissing me off, because i really think he's getting back at me now for blowing him off so many times last year.
i feel like i have to beg and im sick of it.
he talks to me whenever he feels like it.
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School was torture this week, thank god it was only 2 days.

I'm at work right now, i had to open at 10, ive been sitting here since 9:30 with nothing to do.
sometimes i thank god that they have a coputer here.

Me and Paige planned to get up early today and go to the Lee outlets and then come home before i had to go to work, well turns out i had to open, boo.
so now we're going at 3:30 after i get out.
I'm excited, ive never been there.
it's kinda nice to have a life again haha.

This is going to be the most boring 5 hours ever, i can see it now.
I like being alone, but then again there's no one to talk to.

Mike came in yesterday!
I text him in the afternoon to tell him to come get his check cause it was sitting there.
I was helping a customer and i turned around and he goes "hey gorgeous!" lol, i was like "MIKE!" haha
He's awesome, i miss working with him, he had personality but oh well, time to say bye bye to the seasonal guy lol.
He goes "aw you're gonna miss me" i was like pft i miss you already haha.
He hugged me and told me he'd come back in to see me lol.

I hope i don't spend a lot of money today.
I won't let myself spend a lot of money today.
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My new years eve was boring, i did nothing special.
I worked all day with bunny until 6 and she brought me home.
we're starting to remodel the store because we're getting new fixtures and a lot more stuff, which is good, we need it.
when i came home from work my aunt and uncle came over with my cousins.
my aunt was piss ass drunk at 8:30 and fell asleep on the couch.
they left and my parents stayed up and i talked to jameson and went to bed.

Today i'm doing something with Paige, we just haven't figured out what yet.
we're texting with ideas but we havent come up with one yet LOL.
we do this all the time, it's funny.
I wish it wasn't snowing, if it wasnt snowing we'd have a lot more options than this.

I hope you all had a good new years eve, happy new year! =]
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Well yesterday was fun.
Paige text me and asked me if i wanted to go the holyoke mall with her because she got a job and she needed work clothes.
So we went and i took her through downtown springfield and through west springfield and up to the back of the holyoke mall.
we went right into a huge pot hole and the car behoind us went around us and stared at us like you assholes you just went through a huge pot hole, it was so funny.
we went to forever 21 and she got all kinds of dressy clothes and i got a shirt.
then we went to victorias secret and i got body spray.
after that it was h&m and sears where she got a button up shirt and some tan pants.
i got a wind breaker at sears, i love it.

well, as we left we got on the mass pike from holyoke, went through the portions toll and took the wrong exit.
we were going towards westfield.
so by the time i said we should turn off at this exit and turn around it was too late.
so we had to keep driving ... do you know where our next exit was?
we just kept driving and driving and we were in the middle of fucking mountains.
all of a sudden we passed a sign that said THE BERKSHIRES we were in the fucking berkshires.
me and paige were so hungry and i had to pee so bad dude it wasn't even funny.
oh did i mention i had to be at work for 4 and at this point it was like 3:40?
yeah, so i called bunny and i told her i'd be late.
in the middle of nowhere USA AKA blandford mass, there was a rest stop and it had a mcdonalds, so i bought us mcdonalds and we ate in the car and just kept driving.
20 minutes later we hit Lee mass.
we went into the gas station there and asked the guy (who mind you, only had 4 teeth, a bandana on, hair down to his ass, and one arm) how to get back to ludlow.
so he told us and let me use his bathroom which was gross but whatev.
so we regrouped threw in a new CD and drove all the way back.
Paige dropped me off at work and i made it there by 5.
now that we know how to get to the Lee outlets we're gonna go soon.
oh man, it was too fun.

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While i'm waiting for my paid account and my extra userpics to kick back in, i figure i'll update since i hardly do anymore.

Work has taken over my life, but i like the money so i can't complain.

This is what i got on christmas from my parents:
-Lifesaver gummies ( my fav)
-A set of bonne bell lip lites lip gloss
-lindt chocolate truffles
(under the tree)
-Dane cook rough around the edges CD and DVD (dane is an orgasm in a box)
-Pirates of the carribean 3
-a set of dishes
mitten, scarf, and hat set

What i got from my aunts and uncles:
-$50 giftcard
-box of godiva chocolates
-$100 giftcard
-wireless G router

The day after christmas i got gift cards from my aunts and uncles, $150 for the mall.
Good, now i have something to support my shopping addiction while i'm on my break.
I got $75 in cash from my other aunt and uncle and i put that in the bank.
They also got me a wireless G router which i was really happy about.

Mom felt bad that she only got me like 3 things, so the day after christmas we went to gamestop and she bought me my pink nintendo DS and three games for it.
That was really the only thing that i wanted for christmas.

Then we went to the mall and went to american eagle cause i had $10 giftcard.
I got THIS in white, THAT in black, and a bunch of undies cause they were all $2.50.
There went $70 off my $100 gift card.
American eagle is making good money off of my lately.
Christmas night i was depressed i didn't get anything so i went online with my 15% off and free shipping x-mas only coupon and bought $50 worth of clearance shirts.

The day after christmas we also went to old navy and i bought 5 boxes of ornaments and it came up to like under $10.
And i got my mom a pair of the sweatpants that i have and she wanted.
Then she bought me lunch, we were even.
After that we went to stop and shop and i bought wrapping paper and a tube thing of 15 silver ornaments for $2.
I had to work the day after christmas and on my break i went with andrea to american eagle AGAIN and bought more undies and then went to FYE and bought the goo goo dolls greatest hits CD.
That AND the DS were the top on my list, i love the goo goo dolls like you can't even imagine.

Needless my bank account really hasn't been touched and it's nice to still have the $350 from my last paycheck in there.
But i just spent $21 on renewing my paid account and userpics so whatever.

Rene came over yesterday and we just hung out and did nothing in my room.
It was funny.
Then i was making dinner and pulled out a big knife and he was like "wtf that is huge."
Idk, he makes me laugh.

I haven't seen paige or brittany since like, my birthday and it makes me mad.
I work so much it's disgusting.
I still have britt's christmas present sitting under my tree.
... Along with Jimmie's too.
I'll give it to him when i see him this weekend.
I know he'll like it, i'm just praying to god he doesn't have it already.

This is what Rene just said to me ...
Rene [9:15 AM]: i could see myself drinkng a cup of coffee with your mom on a friday morning while you're still in bed
Sweetietll128 [9:16 AM]: ROTFL

We're odd together.

Yeah ... that's pretty much the extent of what i want to talk about.

Oh yeah! go join fridayglamour && flames
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I got a set of dishes and a DVD.
Merry fucking christmas to me.
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This is your last chance for this.

if you want me to send you a christmas card then please post your name and address here. All comments are screened. I will send them out ASAP

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Today my gift from jameson for my bday/xmas came.
OMG, it is beautiful, and it suits me so well.
It a 14k gold, diamond heart necklace with a little devil tail and horns.
it's so pretty, i can't stop looking at it, i really do LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
i'll post a picture of it tomorrow.
it's in the top three of nicest gifts people has bought for me, next to the diamond ring my mom bought me for my 16th, and my necklace my aunt bought for my bday last year.
jameson, i love you and thank you.

thats all i wanted to write about, because this necklace is amazing.

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I've decided that since i'm going to be another year older, it's time to make a change in my journal. It will still be half friends only and half public. But, i'm going to write freely about whatever happens in my life, and yes, i can garuntee you it will be adult content. If you don't like it, then don't read it, simple as that.
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I worked with Jeff yesterday, i don't like him but i don't hate him.
He's not very sociable, but whatever.
i organized all the webkinz yesterday.
i worked ALL DAY, open to close, 10-6.
it was more boring than anything i've ever done in my life.

I woke up sunday morning and had a missed call from jimmie at about 1 in the morning, i was like wtf.
it was funny though.
i text him while i was at work yesterday and he was like "no more texts im over lol"
thats my fault i suppose lol.

i don't even care, saturday night was nice.
i feel guilty in a way ... it's time to do something for myself.
i literally was falling asleep in the car LOL.
oh well, i enjoyed myself, i was warm, and i felt happy.
i'm in a much better mood lately.

OH! saturday i worked with my favorite co-worker, mike.
i got to meet his wife and 3 kids.
his wife is drop dead gorgeous, little blonde thing.
his little girls look just like him, it's so cute!
he said he's baking me a cake for our borthday cause i have to work LOL
i seriously love him.

today was a snow day, that was nice.

i suppose i should get ready to go to work now.
i don't want to though.
i hope paige went and talked to bunny today.
it would be awesome to work today haha.

LOL @ the new "adult content:" rating for the LJ entries under the comment screening settings

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I'm miserable.
I need something to make me happy.
I need to cuddle with someone, i need to kiss someone.
I need attention.

I'm tired of making other people happy, while i'm miserable in the process.
I've never been like this before.
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First off, if you want a christmas card from me, leave your name, and address here so i can send you one. comments are screened.

I've disappeared from LJ lately, i know lol. I'm just too damn lazy to write in here.

I dyed my hair back to dark brown last wednesday, god, i missed my dark hair soooooo much.

Let's see thanksgiving went better than i thought it would.
Black friday i went out and bought christmas presents for my mom, dad, little cousins, and aunt and uncle.
I still have to buy my grandmother and jameson something.
I already know what im getting them though, which is good.
I don't know what to buy britt still, i got terry a giftcard to hot topic, shes simple to buy for.

I'm home again today, i feel gross, i hate the changing seasons. i always feel so crappy in between. oh well, school tomorrow though.

we have a new guy at work, sandi and bunny call him "the hider" because they think hes hiding that he's gay.
I finally got a chance to work with him on saturday, let me tell you i absolutely love him.
i don't think he's gay, he just talks with sarcasm that makes him seem gay.
He's like 38 with 3 kids and hes fucking awesome.
I had so much fun with him saturday.
he thought i was 24, engaged, and with kids.
too fucking funny, when i told him how old i was he was like "holy shit you seems like you're in your mid 20's."
thank you, i know =D
can't wait to work with him again on saturday, love love love him.
he actually has a personality.

i opened a new icon challenge battle community, vsaxvsa_contest. It's like aaxal_challenge but for all the VS angels. I'm pretty excited about it.

How have you all been?
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I didn't go to school today. My back has been hurting for a few days now, i think it's from my school bag.

I got my debit card in the mail yesterday and activated it by phone.
Today i got myself my coach purse that i want, the coach carly large (
Then i bought myself and my mom a coach mini skinny.
I got her a gray and black one and i got myself one to match my new bag.
Hers is her christmas present along with her entertainment book.
I have to buy my uncle his presents today and call the holyoke store for a shirt for jameson.
I'm getting my grandmother a safe and my little cousins webkinz and a movie and everyone else will get scratch tickets.

My dad is going to buffalo this weekend and my mom will be at andreas party saturday night.
home alone, great.

I caught my friends boyfriend cheating on her 2 days before he broke up with her.
I told her and erica, jen asked jarrod about it and he flew off the handle denying it.
He called me a stupid cunt for lying to jen. I didn't lie, i even have someone else, andrea, who saw him do it. So not only did someone else see him along with me, someone who does not know them.
sorry jarrod, sucks fopr you, get over it.

I have to go to work tonight, me and my mom are gonna go to the mall beforehand though, so i'm out.
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I opened last Saturday. It was nice. I'm having problems with the guy, Ron, that works with me on saturdays. He's a sexist asshole, i can't stand him. He's the rudest person i've ever met and all he does is knag at me and say shit about Bunny.
Not looking forward to working with him saturday night.

I had to work last night. The kids trick or treat in the mall at all the stores. Well just great i had to work alone last night of all nights. Those kids are rude little bastards and they don't even say thank you. Thank god we ran out of candy after the first hour and a half, i couldn't stand it anymore.

Grades close on Tuesday. Thank god the first marking period will be over.
My grades go a little something like this...
IB History of the Americas: B+
IB English 11: B+
(those b+ in IB classes are like a A+ in CP and an A in AP)
French 3 Honors: A+
Chemistry honors: B-
Algebra 2 Honors: A
Gym: god knows
Accounting: A-
Yearbook B+

Yeah, sounds good to me, as long as i'm still on honor roll i really dont care what i get.

Mom has to put her cat to sleep, she's so old, she can't even walk and she can't hear us anymore. I feel bad, that cat has been here since before i was born. Mom is gonna be a wreck saturday.

I actually dressed up for school today. I had to, we had a debate in History class haha. My ugg boots are oh so comfy, i dont care how many people hate them, i love them.

We are playing floor hockey in gym tomorrow. I'm still deciding on whether i want to play or not. I love floor hockey, but im so uncomfortable with that new intern gym teacher from springfield college there teaching us. I want Ms. Varzeas back and him gone, as weird as that sounds. I freeze everytime he's around me ha.

I should go to bed, i have to get up early, and then go to work. I work with Andrea tomorrow night, who i really love, so thats not a problem. Working with her is awesome, when the store is dead we talk all night, it makes things go by so quickly.
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I made $200 this week. I'm pretty happy. I'm taking my little cousin with me to get our nails done tomorrow, then i'm gonna take her out to dinner. She's only 8 but i adore her, honest.


1. Who made you smile today.
like everyone ha, mostly katie, erica, and rene on the bus though with those PR kids AHAHAHA

2. What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?
sitting in IB history, having fun

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
sitting where i am now

4. What did you do last night?
went shopping with mom

5. What is your Mom's mom's name?

6. Three words to explain why you last threw up?
i felt sick, (obv)

7. What color is your hairbrush?
blue and black

8. What was the last thing you bought?
dinner for myself at donovans

11. Where do you keep your money?
in my wallet

12. What was the weather like today?
it was cold as fuck this morning, nice out this afternoon, and it was raining when i got out of work

13. Where did your last hug take place?
in my hallway last night, my little cousins

14. What are you excited about?
spending time with my little cousin tomorrow ha, shes cute

16.Closest thing to you thats green?
college handbook

17.Last person you spoke to?

18. Are you very random?
sometimes, eh most of the time

19. Do you want to get your hair cut?

21. Do you talk a lot?

22. Do you watch The O.C.?
no thank you!

23. Does your screen name have an "x" in it?

24. What did you do today?
went to school, came home, went to work, and now im home again

25. Do you make up your own words?
at times yes

26. Are you ticklish?
oh yeah, very

30. Who's the last person to call you?

32. Do you chew on your straws?

33.Do you have curly hair?

34. What is the next concert you're going to?
colbie caillat in northhampton like next weekend

35.Where did you go today?
school, home, work, home

37. What is something you say a lot?
what, haha, okay, i don't know

40. Do you have to work tomorrow?
yep, 10-4

42. Who was the last person you said "I love you" to?
jameson ha

43. What should you be doing right now?
i really don't know

44. Do you have a nickname?
chan, channy, chanti

45. Are you a heavy sleeper?
sort of

46. What are you listening to?

47. Whats the last movie you saw & with who?
music and lyrics with miatta HAHA

48. Is there anyone you like right now?
hey jameson

49. When was the last time you did the dishes?
somewhat recently

50. Did you cry today?
from laughter on the bus

51. Do you like chinese food?
sometimes, i have to be in the mood for it

53. Is your room clean?
not right now

54. Laptop or Desktop computer?

56. Do you take drugs?

57. Does anyone like you?
yeah dude, too many guys, that's not sarcasm

59. Sleep with or without clothes on?
with i guess

60. Who sleeps with you every night?
no one, i wish i had someone to cuddle up to everynight

61. Do long distance relationships work?
they do, but it's not easy

63. Pancakes or French Toast?

64. Do you like coffee?

67. Last person on your missed call list?

70. Number of pillows?

71. Last thing you ate?
ranch pringles

73. What are you hearing right now?
me eating pringles

74. Pick a lyric?
what you feel is what you are and what you are is beautiful

76. Can you play pool?

77. Do you know how to swim?
like a fish

78. Favorite ice cream?
butter crunch

79. Do you like maps?
yahoo maps saves my life

82. Ever attend a theme party?
pimps and hoes party

83. Ever do a keg stand?

84. Craziest place you've slept after a night of drinking?
no place crazy, yet

85. What is your favorite season?

86. What is the first music video you ever saw?

90. What is your favorite place to hangout?
anywhere with great people, who aren't annoying

93. Last time you laughed at something stupid?
today, and everyday

94. What time did you wake up this morning?

95. Wake up next to anyone?
no :'(

96. Best thing about winter?
snow, warm clothes, and UGG boots haha

97. Name a couple of favorite colors:
pink, blue, black, white

99. What month is your birthday in?

100. What are you doing this weekend?
working, and taking my little cousin out
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